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CMFA is one of many volunteer groups in Shropshire that provide a major contribution to the maintenance of public Rights of Way.


We are funded by Shropshire Council who provide furniture & equipment as well as training and insurance so that all we have to do is provide the labour.

We are committed to keeping our local footpaths open and easy to use. We cover an area which is centred on Cleobury Mortimer to about 5 miles out. That includes up to the County Boundary in the South and East, to Milson & Hopton Wafers in the West and to Catherton and Overwood Commons to the north.

We have regular monthly work parties, usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month, except January & February. These focus on putting in furniture such as gates,stiles, fingerposts and plankbridges. There is also some clearance as well, especially in the summer months.


We also have our “Footpath Guardians scheme” where individual members undertake to look after a single path by clearing it of summer growth.  These will normally be heavily-used paths close to a residential area.

If you would like to know more about this aspect of our group or have any questions then contact us here



We encourage walkers to help by thinking to clear paths as they walk. For more information click on the yellow Snip & Slash sign here.


Replacement of stile with dog friendly gate on footpath between Neen Sollars and Barnslands farm Feb 2022

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